John Everbeck

From Bill Clipsham:

John Everbeck owned one of the first sawmills near the mouth of the Kashe River, (sometimes called muley sawmill) at the first rapids on the Kah-she. Michael Clipsham had the timber for his first house on Muskoka Road sawn there, and presumably also for the house at Sparrow Lake.

From the letters of Kathinka Lehmann:

“It is a great joy to feed (Adelbert’s friend, John Everbeck); his old housekeeper certainly doesn’t spoil him and so he loves everything I offer him. Now he has decided to go to Germany this fall  and return here in the spring with his young bride…I don’t even like to think of Everbeck’s departure. I am afraid we will both miss him very much this winter. He is with us so frequently and I like him better all the time. He is a very pleasant conversationalist and true friend…Everbeck likes it in our home too. He often comes after dark, and after we have talked till about 10 he sleeps in the barn or in the new house on top of the sawdust. In the morning he has a good cup of coffee and then he leaves…”

As reported by the Orillia Packet and Times newspaper on July 20, 1967: Orillia 100 years Ago, (from the files of The Orillia Expositor, a predecessor of The Daily Packet & Times, as published in 1867, the year Orillia became an incorporated village.)

“Word has been received that the sawmill situated on the Kos-she-she-bog-a-mog River, near the outlet into Sparrow Lake was completely destroyed by fire. The mill was leased for a term of years by Mr William Hatch from the proprietor, Mr Everbeck, who is at present absent in Germany. The loss will fall heavily on Mr Hatch, who had upwards of 100,000 feet of lumber consumed. The loss to the owner will be approximately $3000. No insurance, origin of the fire unknown.”

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