Kahshe River

Kahshe River (Kahshe-she-bog-a-mog ) flows into Sparrow Lake from Kahshe Lake to the northeast. Navigable by canoe, it is a picturesque creek to explore. In 1861, a sawmill was established at the rapids on the river by John Everbeck from Germany. It used a Muley Saw, an up-down sawmill with a straight blade sliding between wood guides top and bottom. Muley saw blades were made of heavier gauge steel than the earlier English sash-frame sawmill blades. The name may have originated from the German muhl-sage/mill saw. (From ledyardsawmills.org/historic technology) In 1865, when Michael Clipsham needed lumber to build his Blacksmith and Wagon Shop on Muskoka Road, he bought 14″ stock pine delivered five miles over an ox trail from the sawmill for $6 per thousand feet. (From Harry L. Clipsham, 1963) The sawmill was destroyed by fire in 1867.

Compiled by David Stanton and Steve Stanton.

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