Massey Camp

MasseyCp1The Massey Camp property, one of the first homesteads on Sparrow Lake, was purchased in 1892 from pioneer Captain Thomas Stanton. It was about 85 acres, and was used by various branches of the Massey Family. There was a main lodge, dining room, and cottages. Vincent Massey, a former Governor-General of Canada, refers to it in his autobiography. In 1912, it was turned over to the Methodist Union of Toronto and used as a camp for disadvantaged boys from the Fred Victor Mission. Girls were included in 1916. In 1925, at the time of the Church Union, it became the responsibility of the Toronto Home Mission Council. In 1926 it combined with the Langmuir property to the north and became the largest of the United Church camps.

Aerial View Sparrow lake Camp (United Church)
Aerial View Sparrow Lake Camp (United Church)

Compiled by David Stanton.

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