Maple Grove Lodge

Otto Roehl sold this property to the west of Roehls Hotel to his friend Albert Cox in 1903. Albert farmed for awhile, and his son Albert Jr. (Abby) helped his father build an addition to their house about 1910 in order to take in tourists. Maple Grove Lodge was not large and catered to families and fishermen. About 1940, Abby Cox sold the property back to Otto Roehl, and approximately 5 years later it was purchased by Margaret Van Kralingen. She married Jack Sykes, who joined her in running the resort until the mid-seventies, when the property was sold to four families (Patava, Tmej, Gregor, Hanka) who operated the business as Maple Grove Cottage Resort for several years until the operation ceased. In the 1980s, the property was divided into six private lots.

View of the lakeshore looking north.

Compiled by David Stanton.

Preserving the Past for the Future