Wildwood Inn

Wildwood Inn was built by Walter and Eleanore Stanton in 1931. Walter was a grandson of pioneer Thomas Stanton, and the resort was built on the Stanton Sawmill site. They operated the Resort until 1954, at which time Walter’s younger brother Ernest Stanton took ownership. In 1955, Ronald and Irene Stanton took over Bayview Lodge management and soon combined both resorts under the name Bayview-Wildwood.Wildwdair40swildwdroad40sWildwdfrnt40sDuring his illustrious career as hotelier, Ronald Stanton amalgamated Wildwood Inn, Lakeshore House, Bayview Lodge, Martin’s Tourist Supplies and Wild Echo Lodge into the Bayview-Wildwood Resort complex, and also founded the fractional ownership development known as The Cottages at Port Stanton. Ronald Stanton continued to oversee corporate operations until his death on June 10, 2014 at age 77.

Preserving the Past for the Future